The high variety of Jewish women artists who had been murdered in concentration camps or compelled into emigration makes clear why the blossoming interval of the artwork of Austrian women led to 1938. Except for a number of Jewish women artists, most of them are little known and are nonetheless waiting to be rediscovered. While Steiner portrayed the events from her distant home in Paris, other Jewish woman artists still lived in Austria and have been instantly stricken by the occasions. The daughter of a well-known cellist, with a mother who was descended from the well-known Viennese Jewish Todesco family, von Motesiczky fled to England. In the image, we see the artist and her household, robbed of everything and left naked, floating in a small boat on a stormy sea.

“We attempt to translate feminist or gender equality to the departments who deal with the inhabitants,” says Bauer – however solely, she and Kail agree, insofar as it is needed to realize their objective. Other Jewish women artists had been also alert to their surroundings and reacted directly to the rising antisemitism and, eventually, Nazism. Lilly Steiner’s response to Austrian political occasions is epitomized in her Composition Baroque . She painted a vision of the approaching catastrophe as an apocalyptic panorama. In the foreground, a woman clings to the earth, her head raised and her arms folded as if she were in mourning over the nation she is about to lose. This sense of loss is illustrated within the tumultuous clouds and the massive, menacing hills that both separate the lady from the two distant cities, Salzburg, on the left, and Vienna, on the proper, and take up them.

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Interestingly, Heinze and Wolf discover that the ratio of male to feminine employees has no explanatory energy for the gender wage hole in German institutions. The wage bargaining institutions in Germany are, nevertheless, completely different than in Austria. In Austrian, massive firms are at present required to reveal the average wages of their employees . Because the legislation was solely launched recently, we can not carry out an analysis of the consequences of this regulation. The first effect is a direct effect where the returns to characteristics, specifically, schooling, will converge.

In 2004 marital rape became a state offense meaning it could be prosecuted by the state even in the absence of a grievance from the partner, with procedures being much like stranger rape. Carla Amina Baghajati, a rights activist and spokeswoman for the Austrian Islamic Religious Authority, a public institution representing Muslims, says the regulation threatens the concept of an open society. Austria’s Rosina Schneeberger has undergone surgery for a double leg fracture following a violent crash through the women’s World Cup super-G race in Val di Fassa, the Austrian ski federation said Monday. Regardless of her search’s results, she has discovered her “second homeland” in Russia. “It’s a touching story of overcoming the hatred of struggle and the search for mutual understanding,” said Pavlenko. Still, thousands more children born from overseas troops usually are not eager to learn about their organic fathers, and so they clearly chose a different technique to deal with a troublesome previous.

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In explicit, we find that firm-specific variables contribute to the reason of the gender wage hole. For example, the more women work in a agency, the lower is the gender wage hole.

Since 2008, following the example of the Austrian men’s ice hockey league, the DEBL has additionally featured groups from neighboring Slovenia. The journey to Europe meant Konig missed a while along with her high school staff over the summer season, but Jackson coach Corey Gibb mentioned that point was helpful for both Konig and his young Timberwovles squad. Her 74-year-old grandfather nonetheless performs austrian brides in an over-70 league in Canada, and her parents are having fun with the expertise of getting two daughters excelling on the court. Konig said that the style of play in Europe didn’t contrast much from what she had skilled in the us and Canada, but the speed and competitiveness on the national level was a step up.

Fatma Yildirim sought to divorce her husband who threatened to kill her and her children if she ever initiated divorce proceedings. In response to Yildirim’s numerous reports of assault and dangerous felony threats, the Austrian police issued an expulsion and prohibition-to-return order against her husband. The police also really helpful that her husband be detained, but the Vienna Public Prosecutor twice denied the request. Yildirim appealed to the Vienna Intervention Center after her husband repeatedly came to her workplace to harass and threaten her; the Center requested the police to pay more attention to Yildirim’s case. When Yildirim finally filed a petition for divorce at the Vienna District Court of Hernals, her husband followed her home from work and fatally stabbed her. Finally, the complaint said a violation of article 5 of the Convention on eliminating social and cultural attitudes towards women within the State’s continual remedy of home violence as a social or home downside rather than a critical crime.

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Two women whose German was very poor accomplished the questionnaire together with an interpreter who might translate all of the questions accurately. Information on the next components was collected with the assistance of the questionnaire. Viewpoint three is characterized by a permissive perspective in path of egg freezing for any reasons (#6, + three; #28, + three; #29, + 2), and does—as the one viewpoint—not prioritize medical over social causes (#21, 0). Egg freezing isn’t considered to battle with the respondents’ convictions (#23, − 4), and therefore they also don’t consider that shifting the difficulty to different international locations by not allowing egg freezing in Austria is a sustainable solution (#16, − 3). “This simply outsources the issue and makes the remedy extra expensive” . Just like viewpoint one, this viewpoint reveals a powerful emphasis for making personal decisions relating to fertility preservation (#33, + 4). “Freezing eggs is another step in the path of more self-determination of women” .

Covering the entire spectrum of the dialogue on egg freezing was crucial for the success of this study. We are conscious that the statements are formulated and could be interpreted in a different way, also in relation to the other statements, which made the provision of feedback by the respondents much more important to place their rankings of the statements in perspective. On the one hand, this allowed us to conduct the study remotely and to succeed in out to a larger and numerous sample more easily. It was not possible for respondents to ask questions while finishing the ranking train, which may have led to drop-outs. Although we collected written explanations of the rankings from respondents, an in-person interview might need resulted in even richer qualitative information to help interpret the elements. Third, as Table 1 exhibits, most collaborating women were between 26 and 40 years old and had a high instructional stage.

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The causes of this crisis are seen by some scholars, corresponding to Gerald N. Izenberg, as being rooted in adjustments that industrialization had brought about. Fear and hatred of women and the feminine have been essentially the most blatant consequences of this “degeneracy,” but it also manifested itself in a yearning for the perfect feminine. This controversial and polarized angle in the direction of masculinity and femininity led, for many, to a glorification of and nostalgia for the warrior and, ultimately, to the war itself , a warfare that feminists didn’t tire of opposing. Feminists and girls writers such as Meisel-Hess, Mayreder, Druskowitz, and Asenijeff, introduced their own views and definitions into the talk concerning the origins and penalties of degenerate masculinity. Some of them, like Meisel-Hess, did undertake in addition to adapt a few of the vocabulary of the time with its Nietzschean cult of vitality and can. When Ms. Altmann first sought to reclaim some of her family’s paintings in 1998, there were reasons to think that the chances of restitution — crushingly low for so long — might have finally improved. After decades of neglect or outright opposition to restitution efforts, worldwide public opinion had lastly begun to show in the wake of post-Cold War revelations about persevering with malfeasance involving Nazi plunder.

Men with a university degree earn 59.5 % more than men with solely compulsory schooling and ladies earn fifty three.4 % extra. The estimated coefficients for decrease formal education differ considerably between women and men, whereas differences in secondary and tertiary education are small.

Viewpoints on egg freezing depend on a range of factors, including normative perceptions and underlying worth patterns relating to the life course, as outlined before. To explore this complexity further, we used Q-methodology , a mixed methods method. We carried out the research on-line and picked up knowledge from 46 female respondents. These respondents shared their subjective viewpoints on egg freezing by ranking a set of forty predefined statements and explaining their ranking of the statements. By-person factor analysis of the rating information was used to establish shared viewpoints, which have been further interpreted using the qualitative information.


The mean ± SD age was 39.4 ± 8.7 years (range, years), and a hundred and fifteen respondents (56%) had been between 35 and 45 years of age. One hundred thirty-six respondents (66%) had a private companion, of whom 65 (48%) had been physicians too. All 351 Austrian women surgeons of all core surgical specialties , certified or in training, have been addressed.