Wedding earrings 2018: photos of fashionable novelties for brides, short, medium and long earrings under the dress.

The wedding dress is not the whole look https://ru.reviewing.site/page-obzor-samsung-soundbar-hw-n650-eto-chistoe-pogruzhenie-v-zvuk. Shoes, bracelets, hats, gloves and, of course, earrings can complement it! If you want to be a truly stylish bride, then you should pay attention to our photo selection of beautiful wedding earrings relevant for 2020.

Let’s find out more about what wedding earrings are in fashion this and next season.

The subtleties of choosing earrings that every bride needs to know about.

Wedding earrings are of two types: luxury jewelry and items made of gold, silver, platinum. You shouldn’t choose cheap jewelry. Pamper yourself on this special day with quality and stylish accessories. When choosing jewelry with natural stones, you should pay attention to the combination of stone with your color type.

Earrings with stones that are matched to the color of your eyes look spectacular. You can see stunning cubic zirconia earrings in the following video:

As a rule, the bride chooses long and often massive earrings. I want to demonstrate beautiful earrings to everyone, and large earrings will definitely not go unnoticed. But some modern brides also choose ordinary carnations, which can be decorated very elegantly. For example, carnations with pearls look beautiful.

In this case, the hair can be pulled up to reveal the line of the ears.

Silver or gold.

Fashion designers unanimously tell us: silver. Elegant and noble metal is combined with such stones as: rock crystal, pearl and moonstone. And gold, on the other hand, has not yet gained its former popularity.


Pearl earrings are perfect for the bride’s look. They are timeless classics for the bride’s look and are so adorable that they are eye-catching.

This year the pearls are framed with rose gold and diamonds.

Look at the pearl earrings in the following photos:

Fashionable trio.

The bride often wears earrings in combination with other jewelry. These are bracelets, necklaces and tiaras. To them was added a choker, which is decorated with rhinestones.

It is important that all decorations are combined with each other.