These are developed and adjusted over time, along side JewishGen in order that we can standardize data in the ALD. Researchers who contribute to Projects and Data are capable of access the information in Excel format which makes use of these templates and might mix information from many lists to do more extensive and complete research. Using Excel information is a good way to take care of the issue of variation in the spelling of names by finding all the assorted spellings on the data.

She gained the latter edging out Grandmasters Darius Ruzele, Viktor Gavrikov and Aloyzas Kveinys, and International Masters Vaidas Sakalauskas and Vytautas Slapikas on tiebreak. Čmilytė-Nielsen gained absolutely the championship again in 2005 in her residence metropolis, on tiebreak from Šarūnas Šulskis. Peter Heine Nielsen (m. 2013)Children4EducationUniversity of Latvia TitleGrandmaster FIDE rating2538 Peak rating2542 Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen is a Lithuanian politician and chess participant who is at present the speaker of the Seimas. Awarded the title Grandmaster by FIDE in 2010, she was European ladies’s champion in 2011, and is a two-time Lithuanian champion. LitvakSIG has dozens of people doing translation and transliteration work.We see names spelled differently and evolving over time. These are for the researcher to discover in more detail by way of using major sources. People, naturally, turn out to be very attached to their own spelling of their family name, however please keep in thoughts that the spellings of names — both first and final — may be totally different from the ones you’re acquainted with and accustomed to.

At first, the king’s wound didn’t appear fatal, but he enjoined all the officers round him, within the occasion that he did not survive, to be loyal to Henry of Navarre as their new king. The following morning, on the day that he was to have launched his assault to retake Paris, Henry III died. On 1 August 1589, Henry III lodged along with his army at Saint-Cloud, and was making ready to assault Paris, when a young fanatical Dominican friar, Jacques Clément, carrying false papers, was granted entry to deliver essential documents to the king. The monk gave the king a bundle of papers and acknowledged that he had a secret message to deliver. The king signalled for his attendants to step again for privacy, and Clément whispered in his ear while plunging a knife into his abdomen. The Duke of Guise had been very popular in France, and the citizenry turned against Henry for the murders. The Parlement instituted felony costs in opposition to the king, and he was compelled to hitch forces along with his heir, the Protestant Henry of Navarre, by organising the Parliament of Tours.

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On 12 November, Čmilytė-Nielsen was nominated to function speaker of the Seimas, and was anticipated to be succeeded as Liberal Movement parliamentary leader by Eugenijus Gentvilas. She later was elected as speaker the following day, receiving 106 votes, turning into the third girl to serve in the place. In 2000, on the age of sixteen, Čmilytė-Nielsen won each the ladies’s and absolute nationwide championships of Lithuania, held in Vilnius.

Despite the wonders of the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex System, a researcher should vigilantly verify all attainable spellings of names, each given and family names as a outcome of many could have completely different D-M Codes. The All Lithuania Database accommodates data from unique information in numerous languages and alphabets including Old Cyrillic, fashionable Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Polish and Old German.

The young king and his followers were astonished by a number of Polish practices and dissatisfied by the rural poverty and harsh climate of the nation. The Poles, then again, puzzled if all Frenchmen were as involved with their look as their new king gave the impression to be. In mid-June 1574, upon learning of the death of his brother Charles IX, Henry left Poland and headed again to France. Henry’s absence provoked a constitutional disaster that the Parliament tried to resolve by notifying Henry that his throne can be lost if he did not return from France by 12 May 1575.

After Remigijus Šimašius resigned from the Seimas in order to take workplace because the mayor of Vilnius, Čmilytė-Nielsen took his seat in parliament. In the Frauenbundesliga (Women’s Bundesliga) in Germany, she is a team member of OSC Baden Baden, but has also played some league chess in Sweden.

A 12 months afterwards, Čmilytė-Nielsen was chosen to stand within the 2016 parliamentary election with the Liberal Movement, as a candidate on their nationwide get together record. She finally was elected to parliament, and subsequently began to serve on the European affairs committee and human rights committee. In 2019, she was selected to function the Seimas opposition leader, changing into the spokesperson and leader of the parliamentary groups against the incumbent Skvernelis government. She later resigned as opposition chief and was changed by Julius Sabatauskas, however was later elected to serve as chairperson of the Liberal Movement in September 2019. Čmilytė-Nielsen began her career in politics in 2015, when she was selected to replace Remigijus Šimašius within the Seimas for the Liberal Movement, and later was reelected in the 2016 parliamentary election. She started to steadily rise in the ranks of the Liberal Movement, turning into the Seimas opposition leader in 2019, and being elected chairperson of the Liberal Movement later that year. She led the get together into the 2020 parliamentary election, where they won thirteen seats.

Chaos swept the attacking military, most of it quickly melting away; the proposed assault on Paris was postponed. Inside the city, joy at the information of Henry III’s demise was near delirium; some hailed the assassination as an act of God. In 1584, the King’s youngest brother and inheritor presumptive, Francis, Duke of Anjou, died. Under Salic Law, the following inheritor to the throne was Protestant Henry of Navarre, a descendant of Louis IX . Under strain from the Duke of Guise, Henry III issued an edict suppressing Protestantism and annulling Henry of Navarre’s proper to the throne. The quick reign of Henry at Wawel Castle in Poland was marked by a clash of cultures between the Polish and the French.

Employment alternatives can be found at many HHC places all through New York City. To apply for any one of these positions, please contact the office listed on its notice. The American silent movie Intolerance depicts Henry as effeminate but not explicitly gay.

It is essential to keep in thoughts that these documents had been created during many alternative instances, in several languages, and by many different individuals whose mom tongue was NOT Yiddish. The French brief film The Assassination of the Duke de Guise reveals the Duke’s assassination but not the Cardinal’s.

They have concluded that the idea he was homosexual was promoted by his political opponents who used his dislike of struggle and searching to depict him as effeminate and undermine his popularity with the French people. Presumably, his religious enemies plumbed the depths of private abuse in attributing vices to him, topping the mixture with accusations of what they thought to be the last word devilish vice, homosexuality. The portrait of a self-indulgent sodomite, incapable of fathering an inheritor to the throne, proved helpful in efforts by the Catholic League to secure the succession for Cardinal Charles de Bourbon after 1585.

She earned a spot within the group for the first time when she was thirteen and was first board at fifteen , contributing a plus rating every time. She began enjoying chess at age six, and was coached by her father Viktor Ivanovič Čmil, an KGB active lithuanian female reserve officer of Russian ethnicity. After graduating, Čmilytė-Nielsen moved to Riga to enroll within the Faculty of Humanities on the University of Latvia.

The duke was told that the king wished to see him in the private room adjoining the royal bedroom. To make sure that no contender for the French throne was free to behave towards him, the king had the duke’s son imprisoned.

In Dumas’ novel, Henri was not portrayed as gay, whereas, within the 1954 movie, he was shown as an effeminate, comical queen. In the 1994 film, he was portrayed as a more sinister character, bisexual and exhibiting sexual interest in his sister. His brother dies by being by accident poisoned by his mother, who had supposed to kill Henry of Navarre as an alternative. Reports that Henry engaged in same-sex relations along with his court docket favourites, often known as the mignons, date back to his own time. The scholar Louis Crompton maintains that all of the modern rumours have been true. Jean-Francois Solnon, Nicolas Le Roux and Jacqueline Boucher have noted that Henry had many well-known mistresses, that he was well known for his style in beautiful ladies, and that no male sex companions have been recognized.