Beware the Tinder Cryptocurrency Seductress. A poster on Reddit is warning that “Asian Girls” on Tinder are participating in often month-long seductions to lure markings and their cash to unreliable cryptocurrency jobs.

A poster on Reddit is warning that “Asian Girls” on Tinder are participating in often month-long seductions to attract marks and their cash to cryptocurrency that is unreliable.

Into the post en titled, “PSA: look out for girls from Tinder whom like fashion, hiking, spending along with other random things,” Redditor ‘bastian 74’ writes:

“Girls (mostly from Hong Kong) will have fun with the extended game of leading you to definitely think they usually have an internal tip in regards to a crypto that is new. They are going to communicate with you for more than 30 days perhaps before they bring it.”

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“It noises like a scam that is obvious I summarize it, however they are effective. Since September two different people escort Port St. Lucie alone have actually admitted in reviews to losing $60k coupled with many more losing a $ that are fewK.”

“I nearly dropped they attempted to get us to utilize, first. because of it but searched reviews associated with the trade”

“TLDR; Don’t trust girls from tinder whom say they prefer to spend. Specially profiles that are pretty China.”

Reactions to your post by other Redditors are diverse.

‘Ascension8438’ confirmed that he / she was in fact lured in the way described:

“I’m sure this post appears sorts of foolish, but you’d a bit surpised at how advanced the scamming may be.”

“i’ve been on Tinder recently, and doing decently along with it. 1 day this girl from Singapore fits beside me and we also begin chatting it. She mentions I figure it doesn’t hurt to talk that she is going to be in the USA in a few months, and. We return and forth for two times then again the discussion simply sort of fizzles out.”

“Like seven days later, she made a change to her profile and thus it appears in my own feed, and she had some comment in there about cryptocurrency which wasn’t here prior to. I will be perhaps not a moron, i am aware there is certainly a really big probability of scamming, but there’s undoubtedly an integral part of my brain thinking ‘hmm, this hot woman is into items that I’m into and I also hadn’t also discovered it… neat!’”

Her back up and mention the crypto“So I hit. She latched onto it tough, and it is referring to just how her relatives work with banking institutions, and there’s this brand new coin being released which will be likely to be HUGE as well as the bank will probably purchase it and it’ll 20x. She ended up being giving me personally pictures on WhatsApp at a cryptocurrency conference that she supposedly took that weekend of her. I simply need to head to this shitty web site which has a revoked SSL certification and also deals with unencrypted http, and I also can stock up from the coin here.”

“I happened to be amused because of it, after which began ignoring her. The texts proceeded to almost come in daily from her. we muted her and simply ignored it as well as fundamentally stopped.”

“I’m maybe not going to get scammed, We have a beneficial skeptical head, but i possibly could see many people being used by this sort of thing. It’s impressive level scamming.”

‘PCVcolin’ penned that Tinder isn’t the platform that is only this kind of scam circulating: A poster on Reddit is warning that “Asian Girls” on Tinder are participating in often month-long seductions to attract markings and their cash to unreliable cryptocurrency tasks.

“And Telegram. Don’t get me started.”

‘Checkoutmysides’ was more lighthearted:

“If an individual on tinder speaks in my opinion for more than a thirty days, they deserve several k.”